The Stages of the Deutschland Tour 2019

The Deutschland Tour 2019 runs through four federal states of Germany from August 29 to September, 1. The terrain between the start in Hannover and the finale in Erfurt is very diverse and inspired the course designers to create a race which will left the question of the final overall winner open until the final day. Sprinters and aggressive Classics riders will have their chances on the four stages, which cover more than 703 kilometers.

Challenging profiles for exciting stages

Stages preview:

Stage 1

Hannover - Halberstadt, 29.08., 167km

Stage 2

Marburg - Göttingen, 30.08., 199km

Stage 3

Göttingen - Eisenach, 31.08., 177km

Stage 4

Etappe, Eisenach - Erfurt, 01.09., 160km

4 Stages passing through 4 Regions

Besides a historic and scenic route, the four stages were designed to suit every type of rider. From sprint stages to more demanding days, the varied terrain in the middle of Germany will be featured. The first stage leads from the capital of Lower Saxony, Hannover, to Halberstadt in Saxony-Anhalt. Despite short climbs in and around the Harz mountain range, the profiled stage over 167 kilometers, offers a good opportunity for the sprinters. The second stage runs between Marburg in Hesse and Göttingen. With 199 kilometers, it is the longest day of this year's race. After a ride through the undulating middle of Germany, a challenging finish loop rewards a late attack. The third stage leads from Göttingen over 177 kilometers to Eisenach. The finale includes three climbs on the last 40 kilometers and will attract the punchers. Eisenach will also host the start of the final stage. The way to the Thuringian capital Erfurt will see a fight between the classic specialists and sprinters. Although only 160 kilometers long but peppered with the ascents of the Thuringian Forest and an uphill finish, the stage and thus the tour remain exciting until the last finish line.


Stage 1: Hannover - Halberstadt // August, 29

Stage 2: Marburg - Göttingen // August, 30

Stage 3: Göttingen - Eisenach // August, 31

Stage 4: Eisenach - Erfurt // September, 1st


Former pro rider Fabian Wegmann, Sport Director of the Deutschland Tour

"After our successful premiere last year, we absolutely wanted to design again four classic stages. The course this year favors both sprinters and aggressive punchers, which will keep the race open to the last meter. This promises an exciting Deutschland Tour."

Jean-Etienne Amaury, President of the A.S.O.:

"The Deutschland Tour is a complete success. Right from the beginning it was broadcasted live for four days on German television and impressive images went from Germany to 190 countries around the world. The atmosphere among fans along the course and in the host cities was phenomenal. When the Tour de France winner is just as thrilled as the young German talents, then it proves the great importance of the Tour of Germany for cycling. We look forward to the second edition of this very modern event that goes far beyond a traditional cycling race."

Claude Rach, Managing Director of the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Radsports, the German subsidiary of the A.S.O.

"With Thuringia, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, the Deutschland visits three new federal states this year. Regions where we will once again see Germany's biggest stadium at the end of August. Because the Deutschland Tour is our commitment to inspire fans and spectators as well as the 25 million Germans who cycle every week."