TK Ride Tour

The city belongs to you: At the TK Ride Tour connected to the Deutschland Tour you can take off on two wheels through the city. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride and what your goal is: At the Ride we all go with each other, and not against each other.

Let's ride through the city together

Whether you are a trained commuter, a leisurely city cyclist, a newcomer to cycling, an e-biker, an excursion cyclist or the whole family - in the finish town of each stage of the professional race you have the chance to experience relaxed urban mobility on two wheels with your own bike or on a rental bike in the immediate vicinity of the finish area at the TK Ride Tour. The choice of bike is also up to you. Whether with a racing bike, mountain bike, Dutch bike, city cruiser, recumbent or e-bike, off the rack or even self-built - everyone is welcome at the TK Ride Tour. The routes of up to 15 km are doable for everyone.

All you need is a bike and a helmet. Participation is free of charge and only possible with registration.



Please bring the signed conditions of participation to the TK booth at the Expo.

Routes 2023

St. Wendel

In St. Wendel, the TK Ride Tour takes place on the closed prologue course. Where the pros fight for every millisecond a little later, the participants of the TK Ride Tour can ride as many laps as they can for 40 minutes on 2.4 km.

Course length: 2.4 km

Start time: 13:00

Duration: 40 min

Note: The TK Ride Tour is not a race! All participants who make themselves conspicuous by dangerous riding will be stopped and have to leave the track!


In Merzig, the TK Ride Tour starts at the finish on Trierer Straße and heads south to Lothringer Straße, where the Saar River is crossed. Subsequently, it goes past Hilbringen in the direction of right, from where the route takes the path to the north. Through Schwemlingen it goes again in the direction of the Saar and the Merzig city center, before it goes together over the finish line on the Trierer Straße.

Distance: 15.4 km

Start time: 1:15 p.m.

Duration: about 1h

Note: The route is partially not closed. Traffic rules apply.


In Winterberg, the TK Ride Tour starts at the finish at Waltenberg. From there, the route leaves Winterberg in a northern direction via the L740 and around the Halfersürenberg. Via the B480 and the Bahnhofsstraße back to the finish.

Distance: 11 km

Start time: 1:00 p.m.

Duration: about 1.5h

Note: The route is partially not closed. Traffic rules apply. The route has about 150 meters of altitude that must be overcome



In Essen, the TK Ride Tour will take place on the closed route of the Newcomer Tour. Where a little later the girls of the U17 elite of cycling will fight for every place in criterium style, the participants of the Ride can ride as many laps as they can for 45 minutes on 1.8 km.

Course length: 1.8 km

Start time: 13:00

Duration: 45 min

Note: The TK Ride is not a race! All participants who make themselves conspicuous by dangerous driving will be stopped and must leave the track!


The route of the TK Ride Tour in Bremen leads from the finish on Konsul-Smidt-Straße past Überseepark via Edward-Suling-Straße and Cuxhavener Straße onto Waller Straße. The return route to Überseequartier starts at the junction with Wiesenstraße and leads via Hagenweg, Waller Straße, Lange Reihe and Waller Stieg back to Konsul-Smidt-Straße and through the finish of the elite race.

Course length: 11.1 km

Start time: 13:45

Duration: approx. 1 h

Meeting point: TK stand at the Expo (Konsul-Smidt-Straße, Bremen)

Please note: The course is partly not closed. The StVO applies. Please be at the meeting point at least 30 min before the start of the ride.

The Concept

The TK Ride Tour is primarily aimed at visitors who do not feel attracted by the more ambitious TK Cycling Tour, but who still enjoy cycling or would like to try out cycling together at their leisure. The TK Ride Tour is intended to show how pleasant cycling in the city can be. A highlight of the ride is the ride through the official finish of the professional race.

Niels Möllgaard, Head of Marketing at Techniker: "Cycling is already very healthy for our bodies: it gets the circulation going, is easy on the joints and trains the back and leg muscles. It's a great counterbalance to the job, especially since many people had little exercise in the home office. In keeping with the motto 'When the bike ride becomes a challenge', all TK-insured people can also collect bonus points for cycling with the TK-Fit module in our TK app and be rewarded."

At the five locations, the daily bike tours of the TK Ride Tour are one of the participation offers for the visitors of the Deutschland Tour. In addition, Die Techniker will be offering bike fitting and a VR simulator on site - a wide range of information and hands-on offers, from individual bike adjustment and correct behaviour in road traffic to TK services. This can be visited before or after the tour on the Expo grounds.

More information for all cycling enthusiasts and those who want to become one can be found on the Techniker Krankenkasse website.

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