Lorsch to become start city of the Deutschland Tour

Lorsch in southern Hessen will host the start of a stage in the new Deutschland Tour. With Rheinland-Pfalz (Koblenz, Trier), Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart), the Saarland (Merzig) and Hessen (Lorsch), the Deutschland Tour from August 23-26 now runs through four German states.

Lorsch - Passion for Cycling in the South of Hesse

Lorsch is famous for the Lorsch Abbey, which is amongst the half-timbered houses in the city center, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is the gate to the Bergstrasse and attracts many cyclists who are looking for an especially mild climate and challenging tours. Lorsch has already hosted, amongst others, a cycling criterium, the German national junior championships in individual time trial and the cyclo-cross European championships. This year the German riders will get a taste of the cycling enthusiasm in southern Hessen in June, when the German national championship will be held in Einhausen, right next door to Lorsch.

City of Lorsch

Christian Schönung, mayor of Lorsch

“With the Deutschland Tour we have won a very special event for Lorsch. We are happy to have this opportunity to offer our residents a highlight and to show our guests the charm of our city. Especially the cycling tourists can look forward to a solid cycling infrastructure and great tours on the Bergstrasse.”

Christian Engelhardt, County Commissioner of the Landkreises Bergstraße

“Our region is perfect for cycling: The Ried, the Bergstrasse, and the Odenwald offer a great variety for cyclists. We constantly work at the further development of our cycling infrastructure. The Deutschland Tour gives us the excellent opportunity to present this and to make advertisement far beyond our local area for recreation in our region.”