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Here you will find all the information about travel and traffic for the individual stages.

Schauinsland - August 27th

The immediate finish area can hold a maximum of 500 guests and offers only limited visibility as it is flanked on both sides by inaccessible forest. In addition, parts of the immediate surroundings have to be excluded for nature conservation reasons (visitor guidance concept).

We therefore recommend the specially provided visitor area at Holzschlägermatte. There is also a catering service here. The ascent of the Schauinslandstraße with numerous widenings at the junctions of forest roads can also be used well.

The Schauinslandstraße and the Stohrenstraße as access to the Schauinsland from the Münstertal are closed to car traffic all day. There is therefore no access from the west!


Access to the immediate finish area

Schauinslandbahn: Special service on race day with downhill runs until 20:00 - stress-free to the immediate finish area. Arrival at the valley station preferably by public transport (VAG Freiburg, tram to Günterstal, bus in the direction of Horben to the valley station - timetable information

By bike: Schauinslandstraße open until 3 p.m.

On foot: numerous signposted hiking trails (yellow rhombus, destination Schauinsland) from Staufen, Münstertal, Bollschweil-St.Ulrich, Horben, Freiburg, Oberried, Oberried-Hofsgrund)

By car (and on foot): Central parking for the finish area is at Notschrei between Oberried and Todtnau - directions from B 31, Kirchzarten exit, are attached. To the finish line it is a 5.5 km walk without ascents.

Follow these directions

Please note: No catering in the narrow finish area!

Access Holzschlägermatte

On foot and by bike

Via Bollschweil St. Ulrich or Horben- a map for the hiking and cycling trail from Geiersnest or Eduardshöhe is attached.
From Freiburg or Freiburg-Littenweiler: Hiking trails 10 - 12 km, a variant from Littenweiler is attached.

By bike: Schauinslandstraße (note the times of the Newcomer Tour).

Access on foot/bikeHiking trail from Littenweiler


Schiltach - Stuttgart and surrounding region - August 28

You can find all the information about the routes and closing times of the route of the elite and everyman races under the following link (German):

Routes and Closures