TK Cycling Tour I August 27th 2023

The mass sport race as part of the Deutschland Tour on 27 August in Bremen has a new partner. The Jedermann Tour will is now the TK Cycling Tour.


Where SV Werder regularly ignites great emotions at its home games in the Bundesliga, is also where the start of a grandiose day begins on 27 August. After starting at the stadium, both the long "Weserrunde" and the shorter "Bremer Runde" first head south and cross the Stadtwerder peninsula before crossing the state's border into Lower Saxony.

The two routes separate at Emtinghausen. While the "Bremer Runde" starts its return journey, the "Weser Runde" really picks up speed. Via Schwarme and Martfeld it heads south-east to Hoya, the furthest point of the race. Half-time for the long distance! There, the ambitious amateur athletes will not only encounter the river that gives the race its name, but also the course of the professionals. They return to Bremen via Blender and Thedinghausen. There the "Weserrunde" reunites with the "Bremer Runde". Only a few kilometres later, between Ahausen and Dreye, familiar terrain is reached. The way out of Bremen is the way back in, until the long finishing straight on Konsul-Smidt-Straße.

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