Sophia Schrödel wins Newcomer Tour in Essen

Essen, 26 August - Everything was perfect. The scenery in Essen with many spectators at the circuit, the perfect weather, and in addition the athletic performance of the U17 girls, who were faster than expected at the sighting race of the BDR. In the end, Sophia Schrödel (SV Marienstein) won at the same time as Julia Servay (RSC Biberach).

The duo had been able to pull away from the competition early in the race and led the 39 riders over the 1.7-kilometre circuit through the Ruhr metropolis, which had to be completed a total of 25 times. There were numerous attempts from the peloton to catch up with the two leaders, but they were able to hold on to a lead of more than one minute after 42.5 kilometres. In the sprint, Sophia Schrödel won against Julia Servay. In the main field, Hannah-Franziska Brand (RSV Rheinzabern) sprinted the fastest.

"As the BDR, we are happy that the Deutschland Tour is sticking to the Newcomer Tour. The race here is put on with almost the same setup as a professional race, accordingly everything is very professional. It offers the girls a stage they don't have otherwise," said Jan Schlichenmaier, Vice President of Cycling Youth at the German Cyclists' Federation.

Winner of the day

1. Sophia Schrödel (SV Marienstein) 
2.Julia Servay (RSC Biberach) 
3.Hannah-Franziska Brand (RSV Rheinzabern) 


Sprint classification

1. Sophia Schrödel (SV Marienstein)9
2.Julia Servay (RSC Biberach)6
3.Paula Gloning (E-Racers Top Level Augsburg)2