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Deutschland Tour 2021 will take place from August 26th to 29th

September, 28th - 2020

The World Cycling Association UCI has confirmed the date of the Deutschland Tour for the coming year. The tour starts on August 26th in the Hanseatic city of Stralsund and leads over four stages to Nuremberg, where it ends on August 29th. The Deutschland Tour is held in the UCI ProSeries, the racing series with the world's best events below the WorldTour.

For the professionals, the tour will take place next August on four days and through four federal states. They will cover 727 kilometers on their way from the holiday region on the Baltic Sea to places worth seeing that will be passed through and low mountain ranges, such as in Thuringia, to the metropolitan region of Erlangen-Nuremberg.


Deutschland Tour 2021 - from the Baltic coast to Franconia

August, 19th - 2020

The Deutschland Tour 2021 runs over four stages from the Hanseatic city of Stralsund to Nuremberg. Next August, the 727-kilometer tour will stop in four federal states. Half of the tour runs symbolically in the eastern federal states, the other half in the western part.

The route of the Deutschland Tour is set earlier than ever before. The course of the four stages is already known a year before the pros fight for the prestigious red jersey. After passing through Germany’s southwest at the premiere of the new Deutschland Tour and the middle of Germany last year, the tour now also visits the north (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) and the south (Bavaria). With its third edition since the premiere, the tour will have already seen 10 federal states.



Thuringia presents the Deutschland Tour mountain jersey

August, 12th - 2020

The Free State of Thuringia is the new partner for the mountain jersey of the Deutschland Tour 2021. With the campaign “This is Thuringia”, the state marketing counts on Germany's largest cycling festival to advertise the state in a modern, active and cosmopolitan environment.

The mountain classification is the perfect stage for the Free State: on the Deutschland Tour next year, the highest point of the tour will again be in the Thuringian Forest. And Thuringia will present itself from its most beautiful side with the cultural city of Weimar as a transit point and the university town of Ilmenau as a host city.

Only in Germany, more than 5 million viewers follow the live broadcast on ARD and ZDF. In addition to its nationwide presence, Thuringia also counts on a global platform. The Deutschland Tour is broadcasted on TV in 190 countries and thus offers opportunities for international location marketing.


Marcel Kittel becomes ambassador for the Deutschland Tour Riding with fans through Thuringia


Marcel Kittel is the new ambassador for the Deutschland Tour. The 32-year-old experienced the tour from many angles. At the start of the new edition in 2018, thousands of visitors enthusiastically welcomed the sprinter in Koblenz. Last year, as a TV expert, he gave cycling fans special insights into the stage race. Now there is a unique experience for hobby cyclists: riding with Marcel Kittel on the original course of the Deutschland Tour through his home in Thuringia.

Marcel Kittel:“My passion for bike riding is still great. Now I enjoy sitting on the bike just for fun and that's why I find the concept of the Deutschland Tour so convincing. The Deutschland Tour wants to advertise not only for professional sports, but for daily cycling. The fans and visitors are involved and can participate on their bikes. From laughing two-year-olds on their bogie wheels to cheering seniors on the tandem, I experienced pure cycling enthusiasm on the Deutschland Tour.”


Sangerhausen completes host cities of the Deutschland Tour 2021

August, 5th - 2020

The host cities of the Deutschland Tour 2021 are complete: Sangerhausen will be the start location for the second stage. The course of the professionals leads directly from the City of Mountains and Roses to Ilmenau. Harz, Kyffhäuser, Thuringian Forest - fans and professionals can look forward to an exciting second day.

The start between Harz and Kyffhäuser will trigger anticipation among the climbing-experienced pros for the Friday of the Deutschland Tour. But also, away from the mountains of the southern Harz Mountains, Sangerhausen offers a remarkable backdrop. With its historic city center, the historic mining landscape and the largest rose collection in the world, the city of Sangerhausen will leave its mark on the tour. For the Deutschland Tour it is a return to Saxony-Anhalt. Last year Pascal Ackermann made the fans cheer with his stage win in Halberstadt.


Comeback at the Deutschland Tour: Jens Voigt rides complete professional route

July, 31st - 2020

Almost 13 years to the day after his second overall victory, Jens Voigt is riding the professional distance of the Deutschland Tour again. From August 20 to 23, the 48-year-old ambassador for the “kinder + Sport mini tour” will cover the four stages of the tour with fans. Amateur athletes can register for one of the four days at At “Dein Ride.” they will be covering the route of the Deutschland Tour 2021 already this year. The fans will be led in small groups by guides such as Jens Voigt, Fabian Wegmann and Johannes Fröhlinger. A recon ride exclusively for fans - a year before the professionals experience the course.

“Riding four days across Germany with friends: Baltic Sea, Thuringian Forest, Franconian Switzerland - that sounds like summer vacation. I retired and thought that my 180 km days are over. But on this route, the legs quickly wake up again,” says Jens Voigt, who will contest the fan ride in the “kinder + Sport mini tour” jersey. The father of six has been involved in the initiative for two years to introduce children to cycling with fun.


Deutschland Tour 2021 comes back to Thuringia - Ilmenau becomes host city

July, 27th - 2020

The Deutschland Tour and Thuringia combine enthusiasm for cycling. In the last edition, the Thuringian Forest, the Wartburg city of Eisenach and the state capital of Erfurt provided an impressive final backdrop for Germany's largest cycling festival. Reason enough for a return to the Free State. In August 2021 Ilmenau now welcomes the pros of the Deutschland Tour. The city of Goethe and college town will host the finish of the second stage and the start of the third stage, which ends in Erlangen.

From Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania via Thuringia to Bavaria - the Deutschland Tour 2021 connects the north with the south and runs over four stages from the Hanseatic city of Stralsund to Nuremberg. The centerpiece of the tour is full of highlights: historical moments, places the tour passes by worth seeing, such as the cultural city of Weimar, and again a stage profile that promises excitement until the end. A constant up and down on the way to Ilmenau as well as two crisp laps with an increasing home stretch will make it difficult for the sprinters on the Friday of the Deutschland Tour.




Erlangen will be host city of the Deutschland Tour 2021

July, 23rd - 2020

The cycling community of Germany can look forward to a Franconian bike weekend in August 2021: Erlangen will be a host city of the Deutschland Tour. The city of bicycles will host the third stage and the fourth stage - the grand finale of the four-day tour. Germany's largest cycling festival will celebrate its conclusion in Nuremberg in 2021.

Great sport comes to Erlangen next summer with the Deutschland Tour. With the finish of the third stage in the Franconian city, the professionals lay the foundation for the overall victory of the Deutschland Tour 2021. A day's decision with tension: the finish lap is 12 kilometers long and includes an ascent on Rathsberg. Just made for riders with hopes for the overall standings who want to set themselves apart from the sprinters. Because those extremely fast riders will put everything into the 1,000-meter-long straight to the finish line on Luitpoldstrasse.

With the elite race as the highlight, the spectators experience a Saturday that is all about cycling. Erlangen will host an extensive supporting program for families and the talents of tomorrow. Because in addition to the professionals, the “kinder + Sport mini tour” with cycling experiences for the little ones and the Newcomer Tour for young cyclists are also included.




Ultimate summer offer for fans: Ride the route of the Deutschland Tour 2021 with ex-pros

July 15th - 2020

A summer without “Deine Tour” is hard to imagine, because the Deutschland Tour has been postponed to August 2021. While the world elite still has to be patient, fans are already benefiting from a premiere. A few amateur cyclists get the exclusive opportunity to ride each of the four stages together with former professionals. From August 20 to 23, the Deutschland Tour was originally on the calendar; Now the fans take over: A recon ride for amateur athletes - a year before the professionals experience the course, because the route of the Deutschland Tour 2021 is fixed.

At “Dein Ride.”, enthusiastic amateurs will ride the four stages of the Deutschland Tour, which will start in August 2021 in the Hanseatic city of Stralsund and will celebrate its finale in Nuremberg. On the planned routes of the professional race, the participants cover between 150 and 200 kilometers per day with their racing bikes. Even if a solid shape is necessary for the distances, "Dein Ride." is not about the racing character but the fun of cycling and the shared experience. As typical for regular bike tours, “Dein Ride” takes place on normal roads without timing or classifications.

An exclusive experience that makes the hearts of cycling fans beat faster: highly limited places with fewer than 100 participants per day, small groups, experienced guides like Fabian Wegmann and Johannes Fröhlinger, professional-level support. A comprehensive starter bag with a Santini jersey, a professional route guidance, lunch break at a catering point, professional material and emergency service, support vehicles for every small group, luggage transport and broom car are included for the participants.



Deutschland Tour cannot take place in 2020 – postponement to 2021 is planned

28. April 2020

The Deutschland Tour is subject to a decision of the German government, which prohibits events to take place in Germany until August 31 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has been confirmed by the majority of the German federal states involved in this year's race. This means that the four stages cannot take place from August 20 to 23 as planned.

Claude Rach, Managing Director of the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Radsports, comments: “As big as the disappointment is, the current circumstances and the decision by the German authorities make it clear that the Deutschland Tour cannot take place this year. I thank all our public partners, sponsors, sportive participants and fans for their understanding and support. We are already working hard all together to postpone the event to next year and celebrate Germany's largest cycling festival again in August 2021.”

Since the route of this year’s race between the Hanseatic city of Stralsund and Nuremberg has already been determined, the race should be postponed to next year in completely identical fashion. All the host cities and participating federal states have given a positive signal to this initiative. They underlined their big interest in hosting the tour in 2021 as well. It is the common goal of all partners that the Deutschland Tour will take the same 720 kilometers from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to Bavaria in the second half of August 2021.




First stage of the Deutschland Tour runs through Rostock


The Deutschland Tour goes through Rostock on August 20. The Hanseatic university city greets the pro cyclists on the first stage, after it starts in Stralsund. After going through the city, and with the intermediate sprint in downtown Rostock, the riders head to the first decision of the race in the provincial capital of Schwerin.

The first stage of the Deutschland Tour in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is taking shape. The 132 pro cyclists, from the top German stars to the Tour de France elite, start on August 20 on the island of Stralsund. To make the Tour's coastal premiere perfect, the course then goes through the Hanseatic and university city of Rostock. From Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's biggest city the peloton heads towards Schwerin. The impressive setting of the schloss in the provincial capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommmern will be the stage for the for the first winner of the Deutschland Tour 2020.

Rostock marks the middle of the first stage of this year's Deutschland Tour between Stralsund and the provincial capital Schwerin. The inclusion of the most populous city in the province is a special symbol in the year celebrating „30 years Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.“


Transfernews: Johannes Fröhlinger new coach of the Jedermann Tour


The participants of the Jedermann Tour, the big race open to all during the Deutschland Tour, can as of now prepare on the pro level. Johanne Fröhlinger will be the new trainer fo the Tour, which takes place August 23 in Nürnberg.

More than 500,000 cycling kilometers are already in the legs of the 34-year old and thanks to his experience, he has already served as an important mentor to many talented young riders during his active career. Now the hobby riders can also profit from his enormous knowledge. Johannes Fröhlinger has developed a training program for the Jedermann Tour, with which both beginners and the more experienced can prepare for the big day in Nürnberg as of March 1. At no additional cost, they have access to perfect training plan pus tips and tricks as to motivation and material. In addition, this spring there will be three live coachings in Nürnberg, during which the Jedermann Tour course can be tested with Johannes Fröhlinger.

3,000 hobby riders are expected on August 23 at the Jedermann Tour 2020 in Nürnberg. The hobby athletes can choose form two courses, both of which start in Nürnberg. After a short circuit of 60 kilometers or a longer one of 100 kilometers through Middle Franconia, a furious finale is waiting for every Jedermann Tour participant. They will storm into the  same finale and finish line in the Old Town of Nürnberg which the pro riders will take on only a little later to fight for the overall victory of the Deutschland Tour 2020.


Stuttgart and the Stuttgart region host the finals of the Deutschland Tour 2021


Baden-Württemberg will be a cycling stronghold again in August next year. After the state capital Stuttgart and the Stuttgart region had already hosted the closing day of the premiere edition of the new Deutschland Tour, Germany's largest cycling festival 2021 is celebrating its grand finale in the southwest again. In addition to the pros of the Deutschland Tour, 3,000 amateur cyclists are expected to take part in the Jedermann Tour starting and finishing in Stuttgart.

When the overall winner of this year's Deutschland Tour is chosen in Nuremberg on August 23, the handover of keys is certain. The successor to the Franconian metropolis will be the state capital of Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart region. August 2021 will be a reunion on well-known roads for German pros and many amateur cyclists. They can already refresh their memories of the Deutschland Tour 2018 at the German Championships this year, which will be held in Stuttgart and the Stuttgart region from June 19 to 21. Part of the Rad-DM 2020 is also the “Brezel Race”, a race for ambitious amateur athletes.


Mecklenburg-Vorpommern hosts the start of the Deutschland Tour 2020



This year's Deutschland Tour starts in Stralsund and runs from August 20-23 over four stages to Nürnberg. In August, the world's best cyclists will travel to Mecklenburg-Vorpommen's most popular vacation destination for the entire first stage.

Germany's largest cycling festival kicks off in Stralsund on August 19. The evening before the race starts, the island with the Hanseatic maritime flair will attract many visitors to the presentation of the 132 pro cyclists, including Tour de France stars, top German riders and talented newcomers. On the next day the riders will leave the UNESCO World Heritage city on the first stage of the race.

From Vorpommen, the road leads to Mecklenburg and the provincial capital Schwerin – along the coast for the first time in the history of the Deutschland Tour. For the German province, the race course, which connects both parts of the province, is a special symbol: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was re-created as a German province in 1990 and this year celebrates „30 Years MV“.

Schwerin will host the first decision of the Deutschland Tour 2020 on August 20. The Mecklenburg-Vorpommen capital offers the Schweriner Schloss as the stage for the first finish in the race. The speedy sprinters will all be eager for the stage win and the first race leader's jersey.

Nuremberg hosts Grand Final of the Deutschland Tour 2020


The third edition of the Deutschland Tour leads to Nuremberg. On August 23rd, 2020 Germany's largest cycling festival will celebrate its final in the Bavarian city of Nuremberg where the overall winner of the four-days race will be crowned. In addition to the elite riders, more than 3,000 amateur cyclists are expected to ride on the streets of the Franconia region. The registration for the Jedermann Tour 2020, the sportive event of the Deutschland Tour, is now available at