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"kinder+Sport" to become partner of the Mini Tour

The “kinder+Sport” exercise initiative from Ferrero is a partner of the Deutschland Tour and the cycling classic Eschborn-Frankfurt. In addition to the “kinder+Sport Basketball Academy” and their support for the SportabzeichenTour, “kinder+Sport” is expanding its engagement to include a further sporting activity with this partnership – cycling for kids. “kinder+Sport” wants kids and young people to be enthusiastic about cycling and to motivate them for more sport and exercise. As part of this new partnership, “kinder+Sport” will put on the “kinder+Sport mini tour” at the cycling classic Eschborn-Frankfurt on May 1 and the Deutschland Tour (August 23-26).  The educational aspect of the “kinder+Sport mini tour” plans to lead kids to cycling through having fun. A large cycling “theme park” with various modules and riding courses offers kids the possibility to test their abilities on the bike and to improve under professional direction.

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ARD, ZDF and Eurosport report live from the Deutschland Tour

Good news for all cycling fans. The new edition of the Deutschland Tour will be broadcasted live on German TV on all four days. From August 23 to 26, ARD, ZDF and Eurosport will be reporting from each stage. The opening (August 23, Koblenz-Bonn) and the queen stage (August 24, Bonn-Trier) will be broadcasted by ARD’s regional programs of those regions that are passed through by the Deutschland Tour. The pre-deciding stage on Saturday (August 25, Trier-Merzig) can be watched in the main program of ZDF. The final stage, which runs from Lorsch to Stuttgart on August 26, will be broadcasted by Das Erste. In addition to the live broadcasts and race summaries on ARD and ZDF, the Deutschland Tour will also be shown live on Eurosport. The sports channel will report on both Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 as well as the Eurosport Player from Germany’s only professional stage race.

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Course of the Deutschland Tour presented

The Deutschland Tour runs through southwestern Germany from August 23-26 and visits five German states in its first new appearance. The terrain between the start in Koblenz and the finale in Stuttgart is very diverse and inspired the course designers to create a race which will leave the question of the final overall winner open until the final day. Sprinters and aggressive Classics riders will all have their chances on the four stages, which cover more than 740 kilometers. In its comeback, the Deutschland Tour is focusing especially on the fans. In addition to a extensive participatory program, downtown finishes in every stage will provide a great cycling experience to the fans.

Former pro rider Fabian Wegmann, who helped to plan the course, said “This Deutschland Tour would have pleased me as an active rider. The stages are quite varied and will reward the aggressive riders. The sprinters and Classics riders have equal chances, so that things will remain exciting up until the final day. In order to be closer to the fans in the finales and to offer a great experience, we have built a closing circuit into every stage."

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Diversified profile for exciting stages

Deutschland Tour to visit Bonn

Bonn will be the fifth German city to host a stage of the new Deutschland Tour. In addition to the start in Koblenz and the finish in Stuttgart, as well as stage visits in Merzig and Trier, the race from August 23-26 will also visit Bonn. Bonn will be the only stage host in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The complete course will be announced on March 2, in the presence of German pro riders and representatives of the host cities and Bundesländer.

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Hessen is also in the race:

Lorsch in southern Hessen will host the start of a stage in the new Deutschland Tour. With Rheinland-Pfalz (Koblenz, Trier), Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart), the Saarland (Merzig) and Hessen (Lorsch), the Deutschland Tour from August 23-26 now runs through four German states. The complete course will be presented on March 2.   Lorsch is famous for the Lorsch Abbey, which is amongst the half-timbered houses in the city center, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is the gate to the Bergstrasse and attracts many cyclists who are looking for an especially mild climate and challenging tours.

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Deutschland Tour stage starts in Lorsch

Santini becomes Official Supplier of the Tour of Germany

The new Tour of Germany will be dressed by Santini Cycling Wear. The Italian manufacturer will design and produce the official leader jerseys for Germany’s only professional stage race (August 23-26). In addition to the pros’ equipment, 3,500 hobby athletes of the sportive event will receive free jerseys in the Deutschland Tour design. The sportive of the Tour of Germany, called Jedermann Tour, will take place on August 26th in Stuttgart and the Stuttgart region. Santini will also launch a special line of cycling wear dedicated to the Deutschland Tour that will be on sale in summer 2018.

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Santini - new partner of the Deutschland Tour

Deutschland Tour starts in Koblenz at the Deutsche Eck

The first edition of the new Deutschland Tour will start in Koblenz. With that, the course of the four-day stage race is settled: the Deutschland Tour 2018 runs from August 23 to 26 from Koblenz to Stuttgart. During these four days the race will visit, amongst others, Trier and Merzig in the Saarland. The complete course will be announced on March 2.

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Deutschland Tour starts in Koblenz at the Deutsche Eck

These are our current Tourmakers!

You are "Germany. Your Tour." The first Cycling Festival that you can help plan. As a “Tourmaker”, you are not only in the middle of it, but can put your stamp on the Deutschland Tour – like Anni and Carolyn, the first two Tour makers of the Deutschland Tour 2018. In the category “It's up to you”, Anni designed the first official jersey for the event. Blogger Carolyn in the category “Up close and Personal”.



Anni’s design has represented Deutschland. Deine Tour. from the start. In Spring 2017 her design not only made it in the end round ahead of nearly 100 others, but also won the fan vote on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anni developed the design for a school project, in which the search for a design for Deutschland. Deine Tour. became part of the curriculum at the Design School. As the winner, Anni not only presented her new jersey at Eschborn-Frankfurt but also attended the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris.




Blogger Carolyn is responsible for the look behind the scene in Deutschland. Deine Tour. She won ahead of the many submissions since the presentation of the Deutschland Tour on the Tour de France rest day in Bern 2016 with her writing and critical views. Also a cyclist, Carolyn was at the start of the fan race at the cycling classic Eschborn-Frankfurt – Rund um den Finanzplatz. She will accompany the project leaders to various appointments, look over our shoulders during the planning and report about it all on her blog,